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New Lenses Buyer’s Guide

Four Lenses with dramatic lighting
Creativity thrives when the videographer has the right tools at his or her disposal. At the heart of this is knowing which optical properties to look for in the lenses that will capture that creative vision.

Mic Tech Specs

Microphone with specifications manual
Have you ever struggled choosing the best microphone for a particular situation? Let us demystify mic specifications to give you the power to make the best choice.

VSN Mobil V.360 Review

VSN Mobil V.360
The V.360, VSN Mobil’s 360 degree camera, is a really exciting and fun toy, ideal for strapping to a surfboard, race car or any other extreme sporting vehicle. However, subpar image quality and lack of basic controls keep this camera in the consumer market.

How to Win Business from NGOs

NGO meeting children
“When hiring a filmmaker or a creative talent, someone who can craft a strong story, has an impeccable eye and aesthetic, and solid technical skills are a must.” – Suzanna Klaucke, Save the Children

Samsung NX1 Smart 4K Camera Review

Samsung NX1 Smart 4K Camera
The Samsung NX1 provides a full-array of video features and records internal 4K. Its h265 files are high-quality but transcoding is cumbersome.

Why Your Action Cam Shots Stink

Skydivers with GoPro cameras on helments
Action cameras can do more than ever before, capturing crazy frame sizes at high frame rates. The possibilities are practically infinite, so why does your action cam footage stink?

What Makes a Story Marketable?

Old fashioned typewriter with "A Sleepy Midwestern Town" on paper
We review techniques that writers and video producers can use to craft engaging stories that will generate revenue and gain traction with a broader audience.

How to Calibrate a Monitor

Field monitor and tv screen with color bars
In the field or in the office, a properly calibrated monitor is key to delivering quality work. By following a few simple steps to calibrate your monitor, you can ensure what you see on your screen is what your footage really looks like.

RØDE Stereo VideoMic X Review

The Rode Stereo VideoMic X is an on-camera microphone that delivers professional audio quality in a small, easy-to-use package.