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Drone Safety: Tips and Best Practices

Technician Tightening Propeller Of Drone
Drones are one of the hottest topics and best sellers among video equipment today, but as the industry becomes more inundated with drones and related tech, we also see more bad practices and unsafe procedures. What exactly are the best best practices to follow?

Pro Lighting Setups with Hardware-Store Worklights

Hardware-Store Worklight
Want a professional looking shot, but only have access to basic hardware store clamp lamps? If you have three of them, in addition to some tin foil, wax paper, a few binder clips (or clothespins), and wire hangers, you will be able to rig your way to a winning shot.

Six Primary Styles of Documentary Production

Ken Burns - Mark Twain,” 2001
From experimental to hybrid, the evolution of the documentary form has defied expectations as an objective truth delivery system. Whose truth is it anyway? And who says you can’t put fictional re-enactments into a documentary? And what’s wrong with films that have a point of view?

5 Tips to Keep Your Drone Flying

Drone crashing
Drones are becoming easier to fly, more stable, more reliable, and even safer. But how do you keep them in the air and reliable? Here are some easy tips to keep your drones in the air and shooting video.

DJI Ronin-M Field Review

DJI Ronin-M Field
Handheld gimbal stabilization systems are an obvious tool for filmmakers, videographers and news photographers. The Ronin-M provides an excellent option for those looking to add a gimbal to their production kit.

Sony a7R II Review

Sony a7R II
Though not without its flaws, the a7R II includes features video shooters have long clamored for. It’s a camera that will be used by filmmakers at every level.