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Westcott Ice Light Review

Westcott Ice Light
The Ice Light by Westcott is a very portable LED light designed by a photographer for video and photography. This easy to use lightweight LED is cool to the hand making set-up and adjustment quick and painless. From studio to run-and-gun location shooting the Ice Light is a great addition to your kit.

Video Editing Software Buyer's Guide

Photo of hands resting on a computer keyboard.
With so many options available on the video editing software landscape; how does one go about narrowing down the field and deciding upon the option that is just right for you?

Personal Cameras Buyer's Guide

Colorful montage of multiple personal cameras
The sheer variety of camera options available is both the best and most daunting aspect of today’s camera hunt. So, how does one dive into this veritable haystack of possibilities and emerge with that one shining needle just right for you? Well, as with all blind reachings for needles, one should proceed carefully.

Use Your Camera to Control Audience Perspective

Screen Grab from Dawn of the Dead (1978)
The camera is your audience's eyes into the world you capture. Every shot you take, every frame that’s recorded should drive your story. Learning to manipulate and control the camera's perspective to enhance your storytelling will keep your audience engaged and greatly increase the professional look of your projects.

Video Hosting for Business

Photo of computer server with lights and cables.
100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute by more than a billion monthly users. With that large an ecosystem, they must be the best and only option for business video, right? Well…

Nikon D750 DSLR Review

Photo of Nikon D750 DSLR
With the right balance of features, video quality and — most important — price, the D750 is poised to become the most popular DSLR in Nikon’s lineup. Cinematographers have been asking for a camera like this since the dawn of DSLR video and Nikon just delivered.

How To Lower A Budget

Photo of 2 video producers.
Money is a big part of movie making, but not everything. Big budget movies fail all the time, and small budget ones succeed from time to time. Here we look at tips for cutting a budget without damaging the integrity of your work.

The Four Attributes of Light

Image of hand drawn light bulbs on a chalkboard
Lighting is one of the most challenging aspects of video production. One day you may be creating a candlelit dinner scene, and the next you might be shooting an interview outside under the harsh mid-day sun. With the right equipment and a deep knowledge of the four main attributes of light, you can achieve great lighting in just about any scenario.

GoPro HERO4 Review

Photo of the GoPro HERO4
Every year or so, GoPro’s camera lineup expands. More cameras, better specs, greater flexibility and a shrinking divide between pure action cameras and full-featured pro cameras. How does the new HERO4 improve on GoPro’s own success?