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How to Calibrate a Monitor

Field monitor and tv screen with color bars
In the field or in the office, a properly calibrated monitor is key to delivering quality work. By following a few simple steps to calibrate your monitor, you can ensure what you see on your screen is what your footage really looks like.

RØDE Stereo VideoMic X Review

The Rode Stereo VideoMic X is an on-camera microphone that delivers professional audio quality in a small, easy-to-use package.

Viewfinder: The Big Business of Little Video Cameras

Matt York, Videomaker's publisher and editor.
A glance back at the last 30 years of consumer electronics history shows that video camera technology has been a fast-moving category marked by innovation that has resulted in increasingly better image quality packaged in increasingly smaller and less costly cameras.

Graphic EQ

Computer monitor with wave forms on screen
Understanding a graphic EQ is key for video producers who want to take their audio to the next level. Learn what a graphic EQ is as well as what to do with it.

Domke Director Mini Review

Domke offers a wide variety of bags for professional photographers and videographers. The Director is part of their Next Generation Viewfinder series and is meant for DSLR cameras and similar sized gear.

Pinnacle Studio 18 Review

Pinnacle Studio Effects Lens Flare
Pinnacle Studio 18 offers advanced video editing in three versions from HD to 4K, with a strong collection of additional effects, plugins and tools. The major upgrade in this version is the move to 64-bit processing for better advanced editing performance with today's high-def content. For newer users, the Studio interface avoids intimidating complexity by sequestering advanced options in media-specific editor windows.

Shooting With Discretion

Scenes from Joe Carnahan’s gritty 2002 good-cop-bad-cop thriller “Narc"
In Joe Carnahan’s gritty 2002 good-cop-bad-cop thriller “Narc,” the director kept it real by shooting some scenes guerilla-style with a hidden camera. There’s a montage in the film where two actor/cops are out in the streets of Detroit questioning unsuspecting real people about a not-so-real murder.

When Is It Better To Rent Software Than To Buy It?

Editing station with Adobe Premiere on monitor.
To rent or not to rent? That is ultimately the question. With high-end editing software now available through affordable subscription services, it has many editors debating their software choices and licensing options. We'll examine the advantages and disadvantages of renting versus buying in the digital software production arena.

Polaroid Cube Mini Review

Two Polaroid Cubes
The Polaroid brand is most often associated with the old-school “instant camera” that featured squares of self-developing film. Since getting out of the film business in 2008, Polaroid has lent its name to several digital cameras. The latest is a nifty looking “active lifestyle cam” dubbed the Cube.