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Pentax Ricoh K-3 DSLR Review

Photo of the Pentax Ricoh K-3 DSLR
The PENTAX K-3 was made to compete with the top brands of the DSLR-world and the competition is close, but with its price and exemplary features, the PENTAX K-3 is creating some distance.

A Plea for Pre-Production

Photo of writing on notepad
You have a great idea and you're ready to shoot… but are you really? Pre-production is dreaded by many; some consider it tedious, non-creative work. Upon a closer look, you'll find that pre-production can not only save you money and time, but also enhance the creative process.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Photo of Galaxy S5 smartphone
In a world filled with a multitude of phone and camera choices, does the S5 have what it takes to rise above the rest?

Why Your Tripod is Your Most Important Purchase

Photo of a collection of various tripods
The versatility of tripods is incredible. Other than your camera, a tripod is the only piece of equipment you own that will go to every shoot. Despite all the talk of the latest 3-axis gimbals or drones, you should never underestimate the importance of having a great tripod.

Video Camera Buyer’s Guide

Photo of a camcorder
Video has become a part of today’s culture, but the need for the “right” kind of camera has not changed. Just as there are different types of situations in which video will be shot, there are specific types of cameras that will best serve being used.

The Rapid Evolution of the Consumer Camcorder

Picture of a series of different era camcorders
In stark contrast to the giant VHS-cassette based cameras of the 1980s, today’s camcorders are sleek, feature-filled and some are being suction cupped to jetskis as this very moment.

Dramatic Structure, Story Arc, Freytag's Pyramid

Have you ever wondered why people adore a good story? Whether presented in a video production, hardback book or a stage play, a first class story grasps the interest of the audience while entertaining and informing.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Review

Screen grabs of Sony Vegas Pro 13
Sony Vegas Pro is well known as a powerful, yet beginner-friendly video editing program. Boasting several new professional level features and a trio of new plug-ins, Version 13 has a lot to offer, but is it enough to justify an upgrade?