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GoPro HERO4 Review

Photo of the GoPro HERO4
Every year or so, GoPro’s camera lineup expands. More cameras, better specs, greater flexibility and a shrinking divide between pure action cameras and full-featured pro cameras. How does the new HERO4 improve on GoPro’s own success?

Viewfinder: Building Your Crew

Photo of Matthew York; Videomaker's Publisher/Editor.
For many video producers making media is a solitary activity. Whether out of necessity or preference, they do most of their work alone. There are times, however, when the scope of a project requires more hands than one person can provide.

Trends From CES 2015

 Attendees eager to see what’s new at the International CES 2015
Ever wonder how some people seem to just know about the latest and greatest equipment they should be buying? The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is where the world comes to show off the latest in electronic consumer products. If you want to know the upcoming technology trends and how they can improve your business, the CES exhibition floor is a great place to see what's new.

VariZoom Solo Jib Review

Photo of VariZoom  Solo Dolly/Solo Jib
Dolly move? Jib move? Both at the same time? Yup, the VariZoom Solo Jib gives you both in a simple, single-operator rig with a very reasonable price tag.

The Only Transitions You'll Ever Need

Illustration consisting of transition icons; two of them have checkmarks and the rest are greyed out.
There are only two transitions you'll ever need: a cut and a dissolve. Your video editing program comes with all sorts of them, from star wipes, to page peels, to cube spins, but you can spend your entire life as an editor only using cuts and dissolves; most pros tend to look down on anything fancier as intrusive and tacky. But that doesn't mean that there aren't circumstances where the unusual, or even the outrageous, is called for.

How to Educate Clients on the Production Process

Graphic of chalkboard with "How to Educate Clients on the Production Process" printed in chalk
Experienced video producers understand the monumental effort involved in any video production, large or small — but does your client? Here’s how to educate them on the video production process so that everyone comes away satisfied.

Make a Bad Story Better

Planning a story at the whiteboard.
There’s nothing like a strong story. Understanding how to tell a story is crucial and the reason people watch films. Let’s perfect the art of storytelling and better the overall impact of our film.

Miller Air Tripod Review

The Air Carbon Fibre System is an ideal option for professional DSLR photo-videographers.

Miller has one-upped the industry yet again with another incredible camera support system. With a lightweight and solid build, the Air Carbon Fibre System is an ideal option for professional DSLR photo-videographers.

Sachtler Ace Accessories Set Review

 Sachtler Ace Accessories Set, ready for action
Known for their quality support systems, German company Sachtler brings their trademark ingenuity to bear on yet another area of video production concern, the need for light and focus control, with their Follow Focus, Base Plate and Matte Box Accessories Set.

DPA d:screet Necklace Microphone Review

Photo of DPA D:screet Necklace Microphone
If you or an assistant have ever wasted precious time on a set fumbling around with proper mic placement on a subject, you weren’t using the DPA d:screet Necklace Microphone. The necklace mic is designed to provide an easy solution for quick, repeatable, placement and removal by non-professionals.