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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Photo of Galaxy S5 smartphone
In a world filled with a multitude of phone and camera choices, does the S5 have what it takes to rise above the rest?

Why Your Tripod is Your Most Important Purchase

Photo of a collection of various tripods
The versatility of tripods is incredible. Other than your camera, a tripod is the only piece of equipment you own that will go to every shoot. Despite all the talk of the latest 3-axis gimbals or drones, you should never underestimate the importance of having a great tripod.

Video Camera Buyer’s Guide

Photo of a camcorder
Video has become a part of today’s culture, but the need for the “right” kind of camera has not changed. Just as there are different types of situations in which video will be shot, there are specific types of cameras that will best serve being used.

The Rapid Evolution of the Consumer Camcorder

Picture of a series of different era camcorders
In stark contrast to the giant VHS-cassette based cameras of the 1980s, today’s camcorders are sleek, feature-filled and some are being suction cupped to jetskis as this very moment.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Review

Screen grabs of Sony Vegas Pro 13
Sony Vegas Pro is well known as a powerful, yet beginner-friendly video editing program. Boasting several new professional level features and a trio of new plug-ins, Version 13 has a lot to offer, but is it enough to justify an upgrade?

How to Light a Horror Scene

Photo of the long shadow cast by a person across a floor, tinted green and red.
Halloween has become the second biggest holiday in America easily overtaking Thanksgiving, Presidents day and even, everyone’s favorite, Groundhog Day. Of course Christmas still reigns supreme in that category, but when you consider how many Hollywood, foreign and indie film producers continue to favor horror as their genre of choice you have to ask yourself; do they like to scare the stuffing out of their audience or make them feel good with touchy, feely bows, ribbons and Christmas cookies? Of course they like to scare the heck out of their audience. Who wouldn’t? Even many Christmas films ultimately degrade into horrible characters with axes and knives chasing greedy little gift seekers so why not join them in the fun and what better time to celebrate our fascination with horror than Halloween Season?

Timing is Key

Editing Interface superimposed on image of horror movie female “victim.”
In horror movies, the victims always shows up at the wrong time. They’re either a little bit early or a minute too late. On one hand, they miss out on catching the culprit and on the other, they walk right into the worst-case scenario. Either way, their timing brings about their demise. The only reason the victim’s timing is so poor is because the editor’s timing is right on.

Nikon D4S DSLR Review

Photo of the Nikon D4S DSLR
Although the D4S might look like its little brother the D4, there are some subtle changes that make it a better value and a better camera. Take the 11fps shooting, add in full 1080 60p video and super-fast AF; this baby has your ticket to fast professional performance.

Deciphering Camera Tech Specs

Montage of different camera controls
Reading and understanding the technical specifications of your equipment is vital to getting the right stuff and being sure that it will work with the rest of your gear. If you have a Dell and and HP computer in your editing suite, that's not a problem. But if you have a Nikon and a Canon DSLR, you can't swap the lenses out the way you can swap your Sony Creative, Cyberlink, Avid, Adobe or whatever disks. That gets in the way of your horror movies.