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Priced to Sell: How to Negotiate Your Way into More Work

Graphic showing the real nature of price negotiations.
If your approach to your video business is to let your work do the talking, you must have a bigger bank account than anyone who's ever run a small business. In today's freelance video world, there is always someone cheaper, faster and better than you are. The moment you forget that is the moment you need to hang up your camera strap.

How to Make a Successful Kickstarter Video

Montage of Kickstarter Videos
Crowdfunding sites are online places where people solicit help in funding their product ideas, and investors find cool products to support. But how do you actually sell your product and stand out from the crowd? By making a well-executed and entertaining support video.

Libec's ALLEX S Kit Tripod/Slider System Review

Photo of the Libec ALLEX S Kit Tripod/Slider System
Libec's ALLEX S Kit Tripod/Slider System delivers silky-smooth camera movements at a reasonable price point. Adding sliding motion to your productions offers the opportunity to move your work to the next level.

Viewfinder: Take Pride in Every Shot

Image of Matt York, Videomaker's publisher and editor.
The creative process is one that is best experienced when it is infused with enjoyment. Many artists create their work exclusively for the purpose of their own pleasure. The satisfaction of the creative process alone is payoff enough for many creative-minded individuals.

Pentax Ricoh K-3 DSLR Review

Photo of the Pentax Ricoh K-3 DSLR
The PENTAX K-3 was made to compete with the top brands of the DSLR-world and the competition is close, but with its price and exemplary features, the PENTAX K-3 is creating some distance.

A Plea for Pre-Production

Photo of writing on notepad
You have a great idea and you're ready to shoot… but are you really? Pre-production is dreaded by many; some consider it tedious, non-creative work. Upon a closer look, you'll find that pre-production can not only save you money and time, but also enhance the creative process.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Photo of Galaxy S5 smartphone
In a world filled with a multitude of phone and camera choices, does the S5 have what it takes to rise above the rest?

Why Your Tripod is Your Most Important Purchase

Photo of a collection of various tripods
The versatility of tripods is incredible. Other than your camera, a tripod is the only piece of equipment you own that will go to every shoot. Despite all the talk of the latest 3-axis gimbals or drones, you should never underestimate the importance of having a great tripod.