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4 Best Microphones for Action Video

Mountain climber with GoPro and Sena (GP10-01) GoPro Bluetooth Pack
Every day more and more videos are being filmed with Action cams. These small versatile cameras are not limited to just filming extreme sports. They're also increasingly being used by journalists, musicians, vloggers and independent filmmakers. Although these cameras are capable of capturing great images out of the box, the audio captured on the internal mic is lacking to say the least.

How to Publicize your Film

Crowd at movie theater
Branding is not just a concept for products promoted by large marketing firms; it also applies to independent filmmakers and their projects. But it’s not just about branding; timing is everything. This is especially true when publicizing a film for a festival or other screening opportunity.

Green Screen Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Green Screen Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Shooting a character on a chroma screen provides creative freedom and often allows you to save money. By using a chroma key, your actor can be in a lavish castle or a scenic moonscape. Even a perfectly planned chroma key shoot can run into problems, but there are solutions available to save your project.

Finding Profit in Microfilmmaking

Movie crew setting up set.
Let’s define the term microfilmmaker: anyone who produces a feature length documentary or narrative for under $30,000. That may not sound like a lot of money to produce a feature film — it isn’t. That’s why it’s crucial to get creative, use all of your filmmaking skills and have a focused plan of action.

muvee Reveal 11 Quick Review

muvee Reveal 11 interface
How many photos and video clips do you have on your computer? If you're anything like us, then you said way too many.

Lighting Buyer’s Guide

LED Panel Modern Videography Lighting System. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock -
The human eye can squeeze detail out from the tiniest amount of light, but when using a recording device, the light also needs to be of the right kind in order to achieve the desired visual effect.

How To Sell A Movie Script

Shaking hands with script in back pocket
Have you ever seen a movie with a plot line so bad it made you wonder, “How did this ever get made?” That’s an example of marketability trumping quality.

Know Your Audio Signal Processing Techniques

Signal Processing Techniques - Delay
Sifting through the large amount of plugins in today’s audio software can prove tricky, especially to new users. This article provides a cursory glance at the different kinds of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) available in today’s Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

Tenba ActionPack Quick Review

Tenba Action Pack Mini Review
The stylish, black Tenba Shootout 14L ActionPack is an ideal backpack for action videographers, customizable to fit a wide variety of small cameras and accessories.

Sound Design and Storytelling

Image from “Gravity”
Although film is often described as a visual medium, this descriptor overlooks the combinatorial power of movies as a storytelling medium. At its most effective, film is a synthesis of many moving elements, both auditory and visual, which create something meaningful beyond the sum of their parts.