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The Power of Quantity: Finding Profit in Mass Produced Video

Home studio with pre-set grid or stand lighting and multiple pull-down backdrop options, with tripod, camera and audio already in place
On every commercial shoot you spend a lot of time hauling equipment around to various locations, creating multiple setups and keeping track of both talent and crew. This expenditure of time severely limits the number of projects you can take on. Could there be a better way?

How to Build a Camera Rig

Morgan Paar with his rig. Photo courtesy of Armeen Monahan.
The history of the video camera is a peculiar one. Back in the 1970s, we had cameras such as the bulky Sony Portapack with its separate VTR unit which housed and recorded to large video cassettes. It was heavy! Jump ahead 40 years and we have a tiny camera small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand. But with the evolution from large and bulky to small and light came some unforeseen challenges. A camera rig is one of the solutions to many of these issues.

Delays, Echoes and Chorus

Delays, Echoes and Chorus
Explore the different types of audio delay effects and their common uses. We look at delay as it applies to today’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) units and their treatment of the signal so that you can apply delays, echoes and chorus effectively.

Action Cam Mounts and Tips for Winter Sports

Fat Gecko Kaboom Self-Portrait shot
With Action cameras as prevalent in our lives as they are now, it’s no surprise we enjoy taking them with us on all our adventures, and winter sports are no exception.

Rødelink Filmmaker Wireless Mic System Review

Rødelink Filmmaker Wireless Mic System
If you’re in the market for a wireless microphone system and want a name brand you can trust, but with half the price tag, then you should consider the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit. This system provides good audio at an affordable price.

Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Pen & Touch Display Review

Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Pen & Touch Display
Overall, the tablet is a sleek-looking piece of equipment that feels futuristic to use but comes with an appropriately large price tag. For advanced video editors and compositors with a range of extra-video material to produce, the tablet can fill many roles very well. For a video editor simply wishing to use a basic touchscreen surface however, there are several other, more cost effective options are out there.

How To Monitor Sound In Post

How To Monitor Sound In Post
Listening to your work during post-production only gets you part of the way there. To cover the rest of the distance you need to make sure you are listening to it the right way. Playback levels have a huge impact on the overall sound of your mixes, as well as the amount of headroom you leave.