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When to Work for Free on a Video Production

Shot of a young woman with a video camera giving a “thumbs up” sign.
Should you ever use your time and talent without getting paid? Is “exposure” ever worth working for? We’ll take a look at some of the things people will ask you to do for free and why you might say yes or no.

The Perfect Audio Kit for a Mobile Recording Studio

Microphone, headphones and an audio mixer ready to record.
It’s easy to focus your attention and wallet on the camera, lenses, tripod and maybe a slider or jib. The fact is that if your production sounds like you shot it on your phone, the visuals won’t matter that much.

How to Automate Your Workflow With the Right Transcoding and Encoding Software

Closeup of a hand on a computer mouse.
There's a buffet line of video codecs and digital formats to pick and choose from. Video transcoding and video encoding are two post-production processes that always work their way through the digital smorgasbord. Sometimes they end up bloated with a lot of unnecessary smatterings on their plate. It's easy to mix the two up and confuse one for the other; they behave exactly the same way. If a video editor is wise, they know how both video transcoding and video encoding can work efficiently to keep their plate from spilling over.

Sony XDCAM PXW-Z100 Camcorder Review

Sony XDCAM PXW-Z100 Camcorder
The Sony XDCAM PXW-Z100 is a fantastic value for getting into the 4K workflow. The image quality is superb, the body design is well thought out and the XAVC codec holds up very well in post-production.

Creative Action-Cam Mounting Techniques

POV shot of a man floating in a kayak
Buying a new action camera and turning it on is a breeze. The real trick is in shooting incredible footage with one. Learn how to make great shots in nearly any environment.

Use your Smartphone Like a GoPro

Shot of a smartphone attached to a suction-cup stabilizer on a car
Some amazing work has been done with GoPro cameras, the little HD camcorders used by skydivers, skateboarders, cyclists and lots of other sports enthusiasts. The cameras are tiny and sturdy and can be mounted nearly anywhere providing incredible views of action.