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Miller Air Tripod Review

The Air Carbon Fibre System is an ideal option for professional DSLR photo-videographers.
Miller has one-upped the industry yet again with another incredible camera support system. With a lightweight and solid build, the Air Carbon Fibre System is an ideal option for professional DSLR photo-videographers.

Sachtler Ace Accessories Set Review

 Sachtler Ace Accessories Set, ready for action
Known for their quality support systems, German company Sachtler brings their trademark ingenuity to bear on yet another area of video production concern, the need for light and focus control, with their Follow Focus, Base Plate and Matte Box Accessories Set.

DPA d:screet Necklace Microphone Review

Photo of DPA D:screet Necklace Microphone
If you or an assistant have ever wasted precious time on a set fumbling around with proper mic placement on a subject, you weren’t using the DPA d:screet Necklace Microphone. The necklace mic is designed to provide an easy solution for quick, repeatable, placement and removal by non-professionals.

Key, Fill and Back: A Look at New Lights

Image of two Arri lights suspended from ceiling grid.
Making an informed decision on new lights can be tricky, but the options are better than ever. We take a look at some of the latest offerings from the lighting world.

VIEWFINDER: Video Resolutions

Image of Matt York
New Year’s Resolutions have become part of the American tradition. At the start of each year many of us set our resolve on goals for self-improvement. We resolve to lose weight, get organized, spend less, save more, eat better, exercise regularly and spend quality time with our families.

Visual Buddha LED 1x1 Bi-Color Light Panel Review

Photo of Visual Buddha LED 1x1 Bi-Color Light Panel
Most of us know by now that LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting but many have been denied those advantages due to the high cost. Has Visual Buddha finally broken the feature/price barrier and brought us truly-affordable LED lighting?

Best Products of the Year - 2014

Title graphic with images of several of our winners

Another great year for video producers at every level of expertise, 2014 has seen an expansion of the video production universe with editing systems in the cloud and 4K popping up all over the horizon. With options, features and quality on the rise and prices holding steady or on the decline, has there ever been a more exciting time to be alive and producing video? Well, probably next year — but for now, this has got to be the best yet.

Priced to Sell: How to Negotiate Your Way into More Work

Graphic showing the real nature of price negotiations.
If your approach to your video business is to let your work do the talking, you must have a bigger bank account than anyone who's ever run a small business. In today's freelance video world, there is always someone cheaper, faster and better than you are. The moment you forget that is the moment you need to hang up your camera strap.

How to Make a Successful Kickstarter Video

Montage of Kickstarter Videos
Crowdfunding sites are online places where people solicit help in funding their product ideas, and investors find cool products to support. But how do you actually sell your product and stand out from the crowd? By making a well-executed and entertaining support video.

Libec's ALLEX S Kit Tripod/Slider System Review

Photo of the Libec ALLEX S Kit Tripod/Slider System
Libec's ALLEX S Kit Tripod/Slider System delivers silky-smooth camera movements at a reasonable price point. Adding sliding motion to your productions offers the opportunity to move your work to the next level.