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Using Track Mattes in After Effects

White text over image of Rome in After Effects
A map reveals to the traveller all the possible paths they can take to get from point A to point B. Compositing video clips in Adobe After Effects is no different; there are many paths one can travel to achieve their end goal. Green screens and rotoscoping have their place, but most often, a track matte is the shortest route to the final destination.

Atomos Shogun Review

Atomos Shogun
The Atomos Shogun is a beautiful HD field monitor that can record 4K in ProRes or DNxHR out of cameras such as the Sony a7S or the FS700 or any camera with a 4K sensor. A field monitor is an essential part of a filmmaker's tool kit and with the ad

Multi-Track Audio Mixing for Video Editors

The Mix - Multi-Track Mixing
Post-production can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you add in sound design on a separate software. It may seem daunting at first, but multi-track mixing your audio will actually save you more time and hassle

Why Story is the Most Important Aspect of Video

Titanic (1997)
Storytelling has been around since humans were able to communicate with each other. What evolves are the mediums in which we tell these stories. It’s easy to get caught up in the flashy toys, the lights, cameras, the action. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the lifestyle or the attention that being a creator entails. But, at the core of most great pieces of art or entertainment is a really good story.

Microphone Buyer’s Guide

Microphone Buyer’s Guide
Buying a microphone can feel like purchasing a camera blindfolded. Why? In most situations, a buyer is not allowed to “test drive” the mic before purchase. So what’s the solution?

Big Budget Impact with Low Budget Gear

Canon Powershot SX260 HS mounted on a Joby Gorilla Grip mini tripod on a skateboard
So you want to make Hollywood style movies with a professional look but you don’t have an AmEx card or Spielberg’s number on speed dial. What do you do? Give up on your dream of filmmaking and hand in your application to the fast food restaurant down the street? Or, do you buckle down, study the filmmaking process, get creative and use your innovation to become the filmmaker you always wanted to be?

Camera Bags -The Ultimate Insurance Policy for Your Video Equipment

Camera Bags -The Ultimate Insurance Policy for Your Video Equipment
Like any good neighbor, we want to make sure your video equipment is well protected. If you are interested in ensuring your camera equipment is well protected, consider investing in a camera bag as an “insurance policy,” which can mean the difference between delivering a great product or delivering the bad news about your broken equipment.

Fixed-Lens Video Camera Buyer’s Guide

Fixed Lens Camera Buyer’s Guide
Fixed lens cameras are “all-in-one” cameras that eliminate the need to decide on and purchase multiple lenses. Not just money is saved, but time that can be used for shooting and not setting up.

Oh Crud! I Forgot My Lights!

Young girl lit by light from a window.
We’ve all been there, you know that moment when you realize you forgot something really important like filling up the tank before a long trip. Or leaving your phone at home with no time to go back and get it. Well that’s what it’s like when you show up on a video shoot with no lights.