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Digital Bolex D16 Cinema Camera

Digital Bolex D16 and D16M
The Digital Bolex D16 and D16M Cinema Cameras are solid options for cinematographers that want full manual image control and enjoy working with a form factor similar to the 16mm film cameras of yesteryear.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Review

Quality 4K for 3K
The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K promises incredible performance for very little money. No other camcorder offers Ultra HD video resolution, Super 35 size sensor with global shutter (that eliminates rolling shutter issues), 12 stops of dynamic range and professional recording formats for less than $3,000.

The Image Sensor's Role in Video

Photo of an image sensor in the palm of a hand
In the world of image sensors, bigger is usually better when it comes to image quality and versatility, but a number of other factors also play a role.

Canon EOS 70D DSLR, First in Video Focus - Review

Image of the Canon EOS 70D
Canon is listening to DSLR video producers. The new Canon EOS 70D makes it easier than ever to use DSLRs for video production by giving us autofocus designed specifically for video. You now have smooth and reliable focus at the touch of a screen instead of having to manually focus directly or by using expensive focus pullers. And two video compression modes give you the option of more recording time or higher quality. Both are very welcome advancements.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Review

Image of Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera
The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has dramatically raised the bar, bringing full-sized quality in a miniature-sized package with impressive dynamic range and an attractive price point.

Disc Authoring Software Buyer’s Guide

Collage of different disc authoring interfaces

DVDs came on the video scene in 1995 and it promised to be a great solution to video sharing and storage. Gone was the need to horde stacks of low-quality VHS tapes. Almost two decades later, DVDs are still used throughout the world and despite cloud storage, flash-drive sharing and mobile uploads, these shiny little discs are the one universal method of sharing and storing video files.

Using Pre-Vis Software

Sacry Other world alien being
When your video calls for an array of helicopters and soldiers protecting the world from body-morphing invading aliens, how do you explain to your crew what your shots need? By drawing up the plans using pre-vis software.

Using an External Preview Monitor

Three computer monitors lined up on a desk
Does your video have a pink sky when you thought it was blue? Getting the correct color and the best placement on your screen is important when you’re sending a video to another source.