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Stock Media Buyer’s Guide

Array of stock video.
Is your video in need of elements like support footage, music, sound effects and some graphics? Don’t worry if you can’t create all of those things yourself. Luckily there are many stock media libraries already available to save the day. Read on to see if stock media will enhance your project and save you time and money.

A Guide to Modular Cameras

ARA cameras
Equipment becoming obsolete is one of the most frustrating experiences a videographer can go through. The modular camera may be the solution.

Plug-in Buyer’s Guide

Plug-in Buyer’s Guide
Plug-ins serve many functions. In many cases, they augment your existing software providing fast, easy-to-use templates, presets, filters or effects. In other cases, plug-ins provide tools that your software may be lacking. Some publishing companies also make stand-alone versions of their plug-ins. These products vary in price ranging from free to upwards of $2000, but how do you know if a plug-in is worth the price?

DevinSuperTramp On Testing out Canon's XC10

DevinSuperTramp shooting video
Since its introduction of the EOS 5D Mark II, Canon has been the go-to camera for many filmmakers and video producers. With its compact size, its ability to shoot in full HD resolution all for an affordable price, Canon’s series of DSLR cameras has consistently delivered on price and quality. Now Canon has introduced a new player to the game: the Canon XC10.