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Convergent Design Adds Dual-Stream to the Odyssey7Q and 7Q+

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

Convergent Design’s Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ now include dual-stream functionality. Two SDI signals can be viewed at the same time, or a single SDI and one HDMI, with either input selectable for recording. This dual-stream HD monitoring ability comes courtesy of a firmware update, which also adds additional functionality to the monitor-recorders.

3DR to Provide AirMap Flight Safety Information to Drone Users

3DR Solo smart drone

3DR, North America’s largest drone manufacturer, has announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with AirMap, a company that provides flight zone information for drone users and RC pilots around the world. 3DR will integrate AirMap’s safety information software into its Solo smart drone app to directly deliver reliable safety information to users.

Martini Plug-in Aims to Shake Up Your Storyboards and Slugs

The Martini Storyboard Plug-In brings visualization to the video editing storyboard

Martini is a post-production plug-in designed to bring the creativity of visualization into the video editing realm. The plug-in bridges the gap between the scenes not as yet shot and the final edit — eliminating the need for black slugs with text to explain a missing shot.

JVC Brings Slo-mo and more to 4KCAMs


JVC is bringing a wealth of new features to the GY-HM200 and GM-HM170 4KCAM recorders, both of which have seen recent price cuts with the GY-HM200 being lowered in price through a $500 instant rebate that changes its retail to $2,495, and the GY-HM170 now retailing at $1,995. Both fixed lens models will be gaining a new slow motion recording mode that will allow for 120 fps to be shot in HD resolution.

Six Primary Styles of Documentary Production

Ken Burns - Mark Twain,” 2001
From experimental to hybrid, the evolution of the documentary form has defied expectations as an objective truth delivery system. Whose truth is it anyway? And who says you can’t put fictional re-enactments into a documentary? And what’s wrong with films that have a point of view?

The Importance Of Call Sheets

Close up of a clapper loader on a film set

Whether you are working on a Hollywood blockbuster or student documentary, you need to make sure that everyone involved in the production knows what they are doing, where they are doing it and when they are doing it — or else you will run in to problems. If you are working with a small crew you might think a call sheet isn’t necessary, but mistakes and misunderstandings about who was bringing what equipment and what time they were needed on set are all too common and can lead to delays or even the loss of a day’s filming.