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What lens does this?

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Hi. I am wondering what kind of lens does the narrow range focus where the rest of the field is blurred. It's a technique (surely manual) that is used quite a bit these days (sometimes overused). An example is in this You Tube video where they pan through details in the interior of the Ferrari. I have several video cameras, but I was wondering what general type of lens does this.

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Hi David,


Depth-of-field can be controlled with aperture, focal length and sensor size.  Today, most shooters control it with sensor size.  In general, the larger the sensor, the shallower the depth-of-field.


Here is a chart of relative sensor sizes (your camcorder's sensor is probably 2/3" or smaller):



APS-C camcorders such as the Sony NEX-VG30 and NEX-EA50 combine large sensors with standard camcorder ergonomics.


Generally, however, shooters who want shallow depth of field buy video capable, large sensor DSLRs, such as the Full Frame Canon 5D Mark III, APS-C Canon 70D or mirrorless DSLMs, such as the Micro 4/3 Panasonic GH3.


If you want shallow depth of field, and don't want to spend a lot of money, you can get an APS-C sensor Canon EOS M with the 22mm f2 lens for $342.


Here is what this camera/lens combination can do:



Hope this is helpful,



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Like Bill said, after you get a bigger chip camera the next thing is the a lens which has a large aperture (i.e. 1.2-2.8). The truth is, once you have a big chip, which most dslr's today have, you will get that shallow depth of field even if the lens has a bigger aperture number like f4-5.6.


My blog has many interviews and tips from top shooters that might help you as well.

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