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Video camera for recording horse racing at around 150 fps

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My company uses a  Bassler A501kc camera equipped with a Rainbow TV zoom lens to record sections (around 5 seconds long) of horse races at 150 fps from a distance of 100-150 feet. The current set up is controlled via computer/joystick and the zoom can not be adjusted while a video is being recorded.
I need to replace this system with a camera that provides similar fps AND better colors, manual control and the ability to zoom while recording video. Our budget is around $5,000. Any suggestions on what cameras I should be looking at ? I did find the Phantom 65, but not sure if thats the right fit (I don't have any videography knowledge)
Thanks a ton!

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Insanely expensive!

Any suggestions for my range ?

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Phantom is definitely overkill for a horse racing track finish cam but 100k is really not that expensive in a production environment.  It all relative.  



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The Sony FS-700U can shoot at up to 960 frames per second but is priced at $7499.00 without a lens.   Don't know if this is something like what you are looking for. 



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That might be the closest thing! ^^^

Unless you wait a year a two. Seems like slow motion stuff is trickling down in price to the consumer level the longer we wait