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Need opinion on my videos and how to further better them!

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HEy guys, I was wondering if you'd check out my channel and give me some feedback on what I'm doing write and wrong?

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Morne Delport, you know, with a creative project like video, there is generally no right or wrong way to do it. Your general question is not drawing much interest from this community, so maybe you should re-think your question. With a vague question, you will get vague or no feedback. I applaud you effort to create and encourage you to continue, but what is your objective? Are you looking to just attract viewers or are you trying to tell a story? Videomaker's archive offer you a wealth of information on creating video projects. If you take some time to read the articles, I am sure you will find a great deal of valuable information on how to get what you want from your video. If you read some of the other forum posts, I am sure you will see what type of questions get great feedback. Keep up the effort and share your specific questions with the group. I am sure you will find valuable feeback on specific topics..

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Not sure what is funny about cartoonish violence aimed at kids. You appear to be trying too hard to be funny and for me it was not funny.

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Well guys I apreciate the feedback. I know it's going to be rough at the start so I'm trying to create something out of nothing. All I can say is I will never give up until I make it big.

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Really nice video creation. But in some videos camera angels are not use properly, try to shoot from different angels. May be these will help you to create more attractive videos.