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Luma over 100%. Is it ok or not?

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I saw a tutorial where the guy talking about color correction said that the luma value should never go over 100 (he used the Waveform monitor in FCP X)


I shot this video and applied some color correction. After this process, the luma value is way over 100%. I think it still looks ok, what do you think?


I also applied the broadcast safe plugin but it didn't do much at all..





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Basically the only time you truly have to worry about luma / IRA values over 100% is for broadcast television. I know you have seen infinate white backgrounds and I am sure they most are over 100%. Plus, if you think about it the white background on VM is probably over 100%.


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Staying at 100% or lower is good practice and will insure that your signal looks consistant across all platforms.  Go over 100% luma and 75% chroma and TV station proc amps will force your signal into legal color space.  



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