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Looking for opinions

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Created this simple video for a Smoke Shop. Wanted to get some feedback be it - or +.



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John, think the makeup of the video and music selection is totally dependent on the demographics  of the business' clientele. Fast modern music and short cut clips may be well suited to the younger generation, but would most probably switch off or not appeal to older generations.


Having said that if the business clientele are mainly young and hip then you're 100% on target.

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I agree with Rocky M.  The only artistic suggestions I'd make is that the typefaces you used are a bit "80's" in appearance (to me, at least). Maybe use a different typeface or instead of zooming them in and out, apply a transition to them (like the smoke effect you used on the name at the end, perhaps?).  also, on that note, the logo at the end was a bit dark and harder to see (could be my screen or lighting, but take it for what it's worth).