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How to keep effects when doing multicamera editing?

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Using: Sony Vegas Pro 10

I'm just starting to learn about multicamera editing with Vegas. I followed a tutorial I found on Youtube and I get the gist of how everything works.  However, one thing that I need to be able to overcome is this issue about losing effects when I create the single multitrack event.  For example, I drop an event on the timeline, do some color correction and as soon as you click the option to create the multitrack event, Vegas pops up a message that says something to the effect of: "Any efffects, envelopes will be lost."   My question is - WHY?  Does this mean that I'm stuck with what I shot and can't do anything to it if I'm going to use the multicamera editing feature?  Thanks for any assistance on this very annoying problem.

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I recomend looking at setting up a master project in the user guide.  It allows you to apply effects in project and then work with it in another project. 



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Thanks, I will look into master projects; actually that sounds useful for something else I need.  In the meantime, I did discover the answer to my original question:  If you apply the effects while the media is still in the bin, i.e. Media FX, then the multicamera editing won't erase those effects. I tested it and it works! 

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videodx, glad you found the answer to your problem. I think what Jack was suggestion was to go to the Sony creative software site and look at the forum for your  particular software. It may come in handy in the future. Keep shooting.