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How do you build a video production studio...?

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Hey guys, 


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but the company I work for just moved into a building that's 3x bigger than our last, which gives us room to build a video production studio. 


We're going to use the studio to film our business videos and we have most of the equipment for that, just need to build a sound proof structure. Another thing we're using the studio for is voiceover work for our animated videos.


The problem is that I haven't the first clue on how to accomplish this, Here are the specs: 


The room is 14x14 and on the far wall (in pic one with the ring light) there's a bathroom and what'll eventually be a gym. Plus there's a massive AC unit that kicks on and makes quite a bit of sounds when it does (shown in another pic, 3 I think). 


One of the program managers is a musician and suggested we build a room within a room, so we don't use any of the existing walls and basically put four walls up and between the existing walls and the new wall, heavily insulate and soundproof it. 


I'm completely new to the building of a studio, I'm usually the guy behind the camera not building environments. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this? 


Are there places that build studios like this (I've searched and searched on the Google and couldn't find anything specific)? What kinds of materials would I need to start looking at? If you've built a studio where would you start with this project. 


I tried to be as detailed as possible so if you need more specifics let me know.


I appreciate any help/insight. 




Here are some images for reference: 


Pic 1Entire area (there's a bathroom opposite the wall in the back where the ring light is)

Pic 2Loud AC unit we have to drown out

Pic 3 - Area opposite the studio will be

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Google wont help you? I just looked on You Tube and came across tons of video's with ideas for a wide range of budgets. Get some popcorn and start watching!


I searched "soundproofing a room"


Keep us updated on what you end up doing please.