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First Wedding?

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A friend asked me to shoot her wedding this summer, since it's my first I figured I'd do it for free. What do you guys think about doing a video for free for the experience? Any tips for a noob?

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Where it's your first shoot, there's nothing wrong with doing a freebie for a friend.  Just make certain you capture the video your friend wants to see in her video. Otherwise, you could lose a friend.


More than a few guys have done pro bono weddings, because few established videography companies will take a chance on an unproven shooter. Do a good job and it will open doors for you.

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Thanks Ed! I plan to meet with her and see what she invisions so that I can hopefully capture what she's looking for. Have you shot weddings before? If so, what was the most challenging part?

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The most challenging part is trying to be everywhere at once. It's definitely easier to do with a second shooter, that way you can get the bride and groom getting ready separately (and getting b-roll is easier too). Communicating with the photographer is important so neither of you end up in eachothers shots, and don't be afraid to speak up and take charge in getting cool shots that you want. Other than that it's cake. 



A really hoopy frood.

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It is your first video,isn't it?The best part is,it is your friends wedding,if you will have any mistake then also there will be no problems because there will be your friend,your mistake can ignored.Give your best!!

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Nothing wrong with helping a friend (and gaining some experience) IMO.  


Couple of tips:

- If you can, mic the officiant to get close audio of everything said during the ceremony.

- If you can, get a feed from the dj booth and record just audio for speeches. then you can match it with your video in post

- you can get inexpensive lights on amazon to mount to your camera for the reception/darker scenes if it is a night wedding 

- If possible (and you have 2 cameras and only 1 person), setup one camera as a wide shot during the ceremony and one camera for closeups that you move around (that way you can cut to the wide shot if needed to smooth between camera moves).

- get as much footage as possible, make sure you have multiple batteries (bring a charger and have them charging during the event).  The more you have, the more you have to work with in your final edit!


Good luck!

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