Charge for the same footage?

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I shoot real estate video and one of the services I offer is shooting community locations to go with the home walkthrough. I charge $100 per location to shoot. A realtor that I work with has a lot of homes around this area and would like to include the community highlight that I shot previously in all of their videos. How would you charge for this? The work has already been done for a previous project with this realtor and this would be a simple copy and paste for me as far as editing goes. Is this something I should charge on a per project basis regardless of whether I already shot the footage? Should I offer a higher rate to outright buy the footage to be used as many times as needed? 

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I probably wouldn't charge at all for using this footage. Since this is an on-going project and the realator is throwing you lots of work why not include it for the goodwill it will generate. It's costing you nothing to include it and you can look like a champ if you let the realator know you're throwing it in for free. Just make sure your name and company name is displayed somewhere in the finished piece.