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Canon XA 10, VIXIA HFM41, FCPX, Terabyte

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Hey i posted recently about transferring my footage from the above cameras onto my hard drive which is a Seagate external hard drive. FCP X does not recognize or even acknowledge this in its system! this has become increasingly frustrating, because these HD cameras and the amount of memory they take up is too much for FCP X alone. The whole reason I bought the terabyte was to store my HD video footage without any worries about memory. Please help, as my patience is being tested lol.



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I don't use a Mac, but I know from trying to access Mac hard drives with my PC that the two computers use entirely different file systems. I suspect that your hard drive has been formatted for the PC.


Take a look at as well as other Google entries found when asking "formatting hard drive for Mac." You'll find a wealth of information that should enable you to solve your problem.


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The other solution is to buy a product called MacDrive ($50 U.S.).  It lets you as a PC user format and read a drive in Mac format.  I've been using it for several years as I deal with post houses using FCP who give me material in ProRes format.  Using this product makes both of our lives much easier.



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I had read that the programs like MacDrive are very slow relative to reading and writing to a PC formatted version of the same drive.  Do you find this true?  I work on a PC but several of my clients are Mac users.  To go from PC to mac is easy as Macs can read NTSF formatted drives but going the other way the only simple way is FAT32 which can be read and written by both OSs.

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Bruce, to be honest, I never noticed any slowdowns.

The drive I use is a USB 2.0 external and I didn't see any difference in read/write speeds (mostly read on my part).