Bought wrong cam to record skateboarding?

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Hello. I am a skateboarder from Norway, and recently I bought a Sony HX350 cam.

I read some specs on the cam for the recording option and noticed that the recording is in 1920x1080 (60i), so I tought "1920x1080 60 fps for 451 USD / 3500 NOK is a pretty good deal"

When I got the cam and tested it out, I wasn't impressed by the results when I was about to edit the rawclips in Sony Vegas. It was A LOT of ghosting, and my usual method to remove it did not work. Also, it didn't seem like it was a clear 1920x1080 pixel value on the MP4 or AVCHD formats.
Also I noticed that 1920x1080 60i wasn't an option. Only other options like: 50i 24M (FX), 50i 17M (FH) and 50p 28M (PS).
I've been testing the different options in small clips to see if they look any better, if I can remove ghosting and to see if the clips had decent framerate. Still wasn't happy about the results.
Been testing some of the movie settings on the cam. Like: "Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Exposure"

I wanted to see if anyone here could help me decide if I sould buy another cam to record Skateboarding (Mainly), or if I should set some specific settings for the videorecording-option on this camera.
I'm also looking at a Nikon D3400 if I get my money back from this purchase. Thoughts?

Keep in mind that I am a newbie when it comes to this kind of cams, so if anyone can give me some good tips or tricks I'd be very happy to receive and learn more.

Thanks :)

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Never known a camera to exhibit ghosting since we had tubes? What do you mean?

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hey i film skating alot, i use iphones sony vx1000 and a canon t6.

try diffrent lenses and messing with the colors, the newer iphones film good honestly. the clip above was filmed on an iphone 6




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He never came back! He never explained his problem. You posted some clips which makes comment far easier. I wish he did the same thing - we never did find out what he meant by ghosting!

Phones can do amazing things now - and they're really quite decent in low light, in the same way my pro cameras are not!