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Battery Charger/Canon XA20

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I just bought a Canon XA20 and was disappointed it didn't come with a stand alone battery charger. I'm looking to purchase one, but can't find any listings for them. In B&H and Amazon when I search keywords "Canon XA20 battery charger" I get several listings (Pearstone and Watson brands), but nothing from Canon.

Further, when I search for "Canon XA20" on those pages that come up, those words don't exist. I suspect that those chargers would work for Canon batteries, but their description doesn't say so explicitly.  

Surely Canon makes a stand alone battery charger for its new camera. Anyone have any light to shed on this? Thanks in advance. 

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That's exactly what I need. Curiously, it doesn't show up when you do a "Canon XA20 battery charger" search.


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You're welcome.

I must say that your predicament remined me of an excellent video done by Google Analytics in the UK. You were looking for a charger for your camera battery, you should have looked for the charger for your battery.

Watch this video and I'm sure you'll have a laugh.


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great comments here and helpful.  My dilemma is cost. Shooting at trade shows an on the road you need two batteries and to charge quickly.  As a look at prices, it's a huge disparity, from a Canon branded battery, say BP 820 at around $110 and a BP 820 compatable on for $30!   I've had mixed results at Best Batt.    I bought a power pack for Canon ViXia HF 20 that didn't work after a week,   It cost about $15  -  anyone have thoughts on this huge price disparity or experience with Best Batt?