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back into editing. and having issues lol

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i am having issues with hd. for one i was just using windows live moving maker since it was free and got the job done for nice looking 1080 outputs but it got to where my video previews would have an fps of like 0.75 and were impossible to edit with but the videos could be viewed in players and rendered fine...just a pain to edit...well still pictures. now i have sony vegas pro 12 and it was doing fine but my outputs would have sudden drops in resolution so i changed some settings around and thought i fixed it but it just moved the drops to other parts of the video. this was my first project back into vegas. you should be able to find my gripes in the video

 i then thought maybe i should go to 720p since well i can have it progressive scan and have small file sizes with quicker renders and youtube uploads. so i set my output to 720p. recorded it video looked fine....but now the file says the video fps is vegas wont read any video even though it plays fine in programs this is becoming a headache again when it was relaxing getting back into editing...but i dont want my hobby to be more headache than fun.... any tips on how to get my video to show that it has frames!! it obliviously does and the other videos had fps of 30fps not .... 0.75fps. and what are some tips to keep my vids maker had crisp outputs but limited editing power....why cant i have both?!?! oh i use hdpvr2 to capture xbox360

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Once you are rendering your video, click the customize button then choose best in the rendering quality. Your video should have high quality outcome that you wanted.