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Hi JJ from Ireland, Galway Bay. Final year BA student is specializing in Audio. I usually record with my field recorder Fostex FR2, but I am limited to two XLR inputs. I also have an AZDEN FMX-42a field mixer and a Zoom H6n that I use sometimes. Now I am confused. I have a ten pin camera return cord or lead that I use to plug into my zoom from the mixer. This allows me to record on two tracks of Zoom that is also controlled by my mixer. Now I am wondering why the Mixer has four inputs if I can only use two tracks on the Zoom? Should I use two XLRs from the output on Mixer, ie, L + R instead of Camera return ten pin connector? What can I do to have all my tracks on the zoom being mastered by my mixer? Where do I monitor my sound from? Please Help. I will enclose images. Thank you, In Advance.