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[Artem Yegorov] - Composer looking for collaboration

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I am a composer looking for some filmmakers to collaborate with.
I don't work only in epic style for example, I like to be flexible, try new moods, new instruments.

Paid projects have higher priority for me, but I can work for free if I really interested in your project.

So with years of experience and a lot of fresh ideas I'll try to make your project qualitative as possible.

Check out my works here:

Contact me and let's get started!

Artem Yegorov

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Hey man I'll be the first to say thank's for your contribution to the community I don't have enough paid work that calls for custom music compositions, but I do use pieces from time to time. I would suggest maybe you try something like:  or

This would be a way to share your work with many people. Best of luck and thanks again for your service.