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Videomaker Events

The experts at Videomaker are ready to give you a hand in the areas of video production where you need it the most! The ultimate learning experience is our Workshop, where you work hands-on, side-by-side with the instructors during an intensive and fun-filled 3-day class. Can't make it to Chico, California? On January 15, 2014 will be Webcasting live and sharing with you some of our best tips on a myraid of topics. More information will be available shortly. Stay tuned.


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Join the experts of Videomaker for 3 days of intense, comprehensive, entertaining and informational training at the Videomaker National Headquarters in beautiful Chico, California. Network with the staff and other videographers while you master everything you need to plan, shoot and edit your own professional quality videos.

Live Webcasts

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Live Webcasts are streamed every Wednesday at 11:00am PST. Topics included are:

  • - DSLR Video Production
  • - Titles & Graphics for Video
  • - Green Screen
  • - Audio for Video
  • - Camera Movement & Composition
  • - Intermediate Editing
  • - Post Production Workflow

For more information on what we will be covering with each of these topics, visit the Webcasts page.