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Hi everyone,

Not sure if it's here this should be but that's the section that seemed most appropriate to me.

I'm the Community Manager at, a community of video makers and animators. We're also a marketplace helping to connect those creatives with clients looking to commission video.

We are always looking for new members, so if you are interested have a look here -

Any questions you may have just let me know!



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I belong to Elance and, this seems pretty similar. Could you tell us about how much US traffic you get to give us an idea how valuable of an outlet for freelance work this could be for us here in the US?

I've had some luck with these freelance outlets before but I've also had some headache as well.

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Well, the site's interesting. It's like the ebay of video producers and animators though selling services. Thanks for posting this here. I may consider being a member. :)

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Hi guys, thank you for the kind words :)

@WSanford: I'd say about 80% of our projects come from North America (US and Canada), but since many of them don't involve shooting on location, you can't pitch to a project even it's coming from the Europe or South America, for example.

@Andrew James: Cheers! See you on Wooshii ;)

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Interesting approach. With we've succesfully chosen to give much more freedom to both editors and clients. This has already resulted in an enthousiastic community of worldwide editors.