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What is the Best Shotgun Microphone for a Canon GL1?

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I require a microphone for my GL1 and I think a camera mounted shotgun microphone will meet my needs.

What do you recommend?

I have been looking at the Sennheiser M66/K6 and the Beyerdynamic MCE86 S ll - any recommendations?


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I've used this mic with great success:

It comes with everything you need. The only thing it doesn't come with is one of those fuzzy wind screens (it only comes with a foam one.) I used it on a windy day and the foam didn't work too great, and I'm sure it's not the mics fault. A fuzzy one would be better. But I think you will find that this mic will fit your needs. Great price too.

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There's 2 wind screens for that mic i suggested. One cheap one and one more expensive one.

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Hey there,

I've got the NTG-2. The shockmount for the microphone does attach to a normal shoe. This is a physical connection only, meaning data between the mic and camera is not transfered through the shoe.

One other thing to note: I assume since you mentioned those other two mics that you plan on getting either an XLR "box" like a Beachtek or Juicedlink or an XLR adapter cable to plug into the camera's mic input? All of the mics mentioned so far are XLR mics, so you'll need some way to convert this to the 3.5mm mic input on your camera.

Of course, boxes like the Beachtek or Juicedlink generally have at least 2 inputs (left channel and right channel). This might be more than you need if you always plan to be using 1 microphone and have it camera mounted. Another option is you could take a look at the Rode VideoMic. Instead of an XLR output, it has a 3.5mm. Then you could save some money on an adapter box to put toward a decent NLE if you don't already have one or some lights, camera filters, tripod, or whatever else you might need. I'm just throwing this out as an option because I don't know what your main use of the mic is.

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Me66/k6 is a great setup. Sound is excellent.Just remember to watch your levels because it is a hot one. I have a pd170 and use the pad switch on cam to drop the level. Not sure if your cam has that.