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What are these types of videos made in?

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Are these done in Flash or Premeir Pro?

And do you all know of any good tutorials or resources for creating these types of text effects?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have made many of these in Adobe After Effects. If you have ever flown on JetBlue or Frontier and watched their inflight Entrainment ads or movie trailers on their movie channels (all very similar) - almost all were made in After Effects (motion graphics).

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Yes this video is created using Adobe After effects. If you are not confortble with using this then, there ar emany websites avaialble online that will help to create video online and then toexport directly to youtube. Nothing much vidoe editing skills are needed for it. i fyou still need some assistance then contact

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Definitely after effects, they're called motion graphics.


Check out, great place for after effects training.