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Videomaker's Mission

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In the April issue of Videomaker magazine, founder and CEO Matt York wrote, "How may we Serve You?" a question to readers in his Viewfinder column. The story was about Paper vs. Cyber: in other words, the benefits and costs of a paper magazine versus the website version of Videomaker.

We received dozens of responses and printed a number of them in our June 2008 In Box. But, as we stated, paper is not unlimited, and, for the most part, cyber still is, so we invited readers to continue this discussion here, on this forum thread we titled Videomaker's Mission. Let us know what you think, as we said in the paper magazine, we ARE listening.

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As a "video" magazine and site I think there should be more video. I like the tips videos and I miss when there were more like reviews and such. I'd like to see that come back. Perhaps video blogs from the staff at Videomaker?

Plus the ability for users of this site to have video blogs, or a place to post and embed video too.

The ability to embed video from utube or other sites in a post as a reference to a subject would be nice too.

Keep the print magazine by all means, but beef up the site too. :-)

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I spend so much time on-line it's nice to sit down and read a magazine once and awhile. However, it's kinda hard to get video out of a magazine. What I like most about Videomaker is your how to and product demo videos. How about a magazine Interactive DVD?

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I woud like to see more how-to's from folks who have done it with less than stellar equipment.

I shoot with a high end consumer camera (Sony SR11) and edit in Vegas Pro on a older PC and have had to find all sorts of shortcuts just to get by (like converting MTS files to M2T so I can see what I'm doing in the edit bay or links to software and assets that are affordable for the hobbyist or small, one-man business - stuff like that).

I have gotten some tips from VM (both printed mag and online forums) but most of my working knowledge comes from other sources.

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