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Video Contest

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filmmaker friends!

name is Lina, Im working for
We are actually launching a video contest and will reward the best video $2000.
All submissions are welcome as long as they involve airports. You just have to
be fun, original and creative.

The rules are simple:

The video must be shot on a mobile phone!

The video must involve airports. You dont necessarily have to shoot it
in one as long as the content is related to airports in some way.

You must mention at some point in the video. Were not
giving away $2,000 for nothing!

The video should not exceed 7 minutes.

? Do not infringe any copyrights. Violators
will be disqualified.

Now, The airport world is your
oyster. Be yourself, be great, and you will be eligible to make two grand!

out more info!

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Lina -

Have you checked with the TSA as to whether this is allowed.

I personally would not shoot any video at an airport these days without a written release from the TSA.

But that's just me.

If anyone decides to go ahead with this - please check with the TSA first:


Phone: Call 1-866-289-9673

    Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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    I shoot in airports all the time. Never had a problem. That said, airport tips should just scrape up a budget and have a video made. These bogus contests for free content don't reflect well on any company.