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Two Microphones on One Camera

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Hey, I was wondering how you would put a shotgun mic and a lavaliere mic on one camera. I have Canon Vixia HF S10 and plan on using a Audio Technica at897 and I'm not sure about the wireless lav mic yet.

Help would be appreciated


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i heva the same question please if there any that can help me with that i realy apreciated it

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three ways... some lav mics have an extra mic jac on thier recievers.

some mic adaptors (ie beachtek) have multiple mic adaptors...

you could try headphone splitters, but an external mixing board would give seperate volume controls

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Thanks. So how would I control the volume of both with the extra mic jac on the reciever?

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I agree with Road Runner. SignVideo makes great mixing units and because your Camcorder

only has the mini stereo mic input, you would then have the luxury of having XLR mic connections

and audio level controls. Try a monopod too

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If you don't want to go with a mixer, I recommend the Canon DM100 microphone. It is made for the Canon hot shoe which powers the mic. It has terrific sound and works fine when there is a 2nd mic plugged into the camera. This clip was recorded with the DM100 from the crappy upper deck seats. I control the record volume manually so there is little distortion.

More info and reviews here:

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You can use an XLR-BP adapter from Studio 1, which allows you to connect any combination of two microphones (xlr, mini jack, powered or unpowered) to any camcorder with a standard 1/8" mic input jack

Alternatively you can use the Azden CAM-3 three mic mixer. They cost about $45 from Amazon