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Travel Pay Question

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I have been asked to provide a quote to shoot a commercial in Louisiana which is 850 miles away and I will drive there so I can take all my gear. My question is, how much should I charge for travel and the time to do so? I don't want to over charge and not get the gig but I do not want to cut myself short either.

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I normally charge mileage and what's considered to be reasonable and customary expenses (hotel etc). I never charge for actual travel time (driving to and from) within the US (at least not yet). I charge a base fee when traveling outside the US (i.e. it took 32 hours to get to Australia which the customer agreed to pay 16 hours of my day rate during travel time and they covered the plane tickets).

I am based in Florida and travel throughout the east coast (NY to Miami) and just recently was out in OK to shoot some high school football.

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