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Travel Documentary

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Hi All,

I have around 100 hours of HD footage of my Overland Trip with 4x4 car
trough Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. Recorded an Cannon HF100
and Rode microphone. I am looking for someone who can make a Travel Documentary
from it.

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Any help will be appreciated.



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Where are you? Is this a paying or low-no gig? You looking for someone to edit with your gear or you looking to contract it out? What length for the final product do you want (short, short feature or feature length?) What's the final output format do you want Standard Def, HD (film, videotape, DVD or Blu-Ray?) The list can go on. Please specify if you want proper 'direction'.

H.Wolfgang Porter, Composite Media Producer Dreaded Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.

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Hi ibrgic,

Are you the guy from Croatia looking to buy a 40 foot boat for an around the world trip ?

If you are into adventure traveling and video recording the experience, here are some considerations:

Make sure you know what you are doing. Are your images fantastic or ordinary (i.e., mediocre). If the images are of exotic places or are one-of-a-kind, that can elevate ordinary to the level of fantastic (sometimes). If you are not sure how good your stuff is, take some classes and get critique from others. If you are already good, use whatever resources are available in the neighborhood (Brazil, wherever you are hanging out) and get better.

You may have some really great footage in your 100 hours. It may be 3 hours or 3 hours and 30 minutes or much more. (Probably not anything you shot from your moving 4X4 !!!) Notwithstanding how great your footage is or how much of it, because of your videocam, outfits like the Discovery Channel and Euro Channel equivalents probably wouldn't even talk to you because you were not shooting with a camera meeting their minimum professional specs. You have a nice sized budget for buying a big boat; consider investing in a nice professional camcorder or two.

A possible niche for you could be stock film/video houses. If you stuff is good, you might be able to sell your footage at a respectable rate, including a royalty arrangement. If your stuff is really good, they might want to hire you to work for them.

Whatever you do, don't lose your footage in a closet for 5 years.

Here's an organization that specializes in Adventure Travel Film and Video. They might have some ideas for you. Also, members of this organization are always in exotic (and treacherous) locations, so you might bump into some of them.



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Thx Earl, for correcting the link. I was in a hurry as this particular computer was quitting about every seven minutes, while on this site due to overheating. I missed putting up the post by less than one minute on three separate passes, and my machine would quit and I'd have to start the post over; in one instance missed by seconds. I had the right link on an earlier post that vanished after a shutdown. Also thanks to you or whoever cleaned up the typographical mess I left behind. Getting a new computer this w/e.

REGARDS ... TomScratch

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Thank you for your responses,

Let me answer some of your questions.

I am not a pro. When it comes to video editing a part from 2 hours on
Windows movie maker there is no experience.

I went on the trip of a life time spend one year travelling and got around
100 hours of (what I think) interesting and entertaining footage. Now I am
looking for someone who can have a look at videos estimate what can be done.
Saying that, my idea is to make a DVD or Blu-Ray either in one go or as a short

This project will be more low-no paying gig in production, but I believe it
can be sold and it can be made profitable.

Hope I this helps, let me know your questions and thank you for the