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The Lens Flare FX -- newbie

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I happened to came across a video which uses the Lens Flare FX .

Then I used the same effect on one of my clip, and i want to make it move around .

Normally, when i right-clicked the clip, and choose the Video Event FX, it would show the effects i've applied on the clip . I can edit things there, such as the color of the ray, the intensity, saturation, etc.

But when i wanted to make the FX move around the frame, i can't seem to find the 'track motion thing' on the bottom, where you can usually find those keyframe thingy .. ( you know, when we want to move something, we create a new keyframe, move things around, then make another keyframe; sorry i don't know what's it called, i'm still new at these things -- ) And so i can't make the FX move around .

Anyone can help me ?

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I don't know what software you are working with but it should just be called center or position. YOu set a keyframes to move it, unless tracking it. Apps like After Effects have flairs nativly but they are veeery limited without plugins. I like to use Genarts Sapphire for this reason. I have handles over everything I need to do.

Use sparingly though. Nothing brings a video's quality level down quicker than overdone lens flairs.

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He using Sony Vegas Pro. Is mentioned on top of the title (It took me months to know that was there. Who knew...)


I remember that I had that exact same problem when I used Vegas and the solution was to make your the video layer a little bigger so the Track Motion (keyframes) appears. So, select with your mouse the bottom of the video layer, make it bigger and voila, your track motion (keyframes) will appear. Hope I explain it well, if not don't hesitate to ask.


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did you mean something like this vid here?