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Sign up for tomorrow's Green Screen and SFX webinar

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Videomakers Green Screen and Special Effects Webinar
will teach you how to make the most of green screen and special
effects illusion techniques even with a limited budget. One of the
greatest things about making movies is being able to create any reality
you choose. With the aid of green screens and special effects, even the
most impossible scenarios can be a believable part of your video.

Following the presentation, all registrants will receive a copy of our special report The Keys to Chromakey.
In addition to valuable information and a free special report, there
will be a live Q&A segment; our team answering your questions. This
webinar is tomorrow Wednesday, July 20th at 11:00 AM (PST) so be
sure to sign up soon!

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provides a wide variety of webinars that cover topics including
Advanced Editing, Documentary Production, Lighting for Video, Advanced
Shooting, Audio for Video, and much more.