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Shutter Speeds shooting rally cars

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Hi guys,

This is my first post! Im filming a car rally on saturday and was wondering if anyone has filmed this before and what shutter speed they used? Would 300 be ok?


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Shutter speed choice is as much a creative decision as a technical one. You can get different visual looks by choosing a high shutter speed (1/300). It will also allow you to get a clearer freeze frame than a 'normal' shutter of 1/30th or 1/60. Then again, if you have a ND filter or are shooting in low light, you can get some funky motion-blur by shooting at 1/15 or 1/8.

I would practice shooting something similar (anything that moves relatively fast) before committing to any particular shutter speed for the race.

Keep in mind, that high shutter speeds require more light. For most sunny days, this isn't a problem and you can shoot at 1/1000th or higher.

What camera are you using and how much experience do you have operating it in manual mode?

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Thanks for your reply oren, Im shooting on a Sony HXR-NX5, I have quite alot of experience shooting in manual for focus and iris but im just aware that the speed of the cars will be very fast. Hoping it will be a nice bright day!

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This video and article might help you to visualize the results of choosing high shutter speeds: