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Shooting in tight spots

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I was wondering if anyone has tips on shooting in tight spots? I was shooting a Bar Mitzvah the other day and during the "Hora" The dance floor got pretty crowded which made it difficult to get decent shots on the floor. I was wondering what some of you guys would do in this situation. Thanks.

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By that time you're just filming 'B-roll' for coverage. Long as you have a recorder or another camera getting the overall shot and sound or both, you can put a small camera on a boom or a thin light tripod, set the image wide and get overhead crowd shots. Just don't jam the poor kid in the face when they lift him up or anything....

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What I do is record from every possible angle. By recording A LOT of B-roll, later in post I can play with the camera angles. Be creative with this shot. I have climb ladders, chairs and like Bill mentioned using a monopod (or a tripod) to get an "aerial" view. Just don't stop recording different takes, even if it's lame (you never know if you will need it in post).


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How about a herocam, mounted on you head? No zoom but it would fit anywhere you are. This would probably be in addtition to your other camera(s).