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Senheisser G3 mono to stereo?

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Hi there! I have a G3 senheisser kit (wireless lav, transmitter & receiver) and it works well but I just noticed it's only doing mono. Is there any way to record stereo out of it? I have a zoom h4n and I use it with the G3.

I have adobe premiere 5.5 and I think there is a way of making mono to stereo.

Any tips from the sound pros are greatly appreciated!

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Get a splitter that will run mono in to dual out, with same sound going to L & R inputs on the stereo; or in POST simply double the L track, adding it to the R track, and you'll have audio in both channels. Not "stereo" per se, but at least you've got audio on both channels rather than a dead right side.

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In premiere under audio effect/stereo, there is a "Fill Left" and a "Fill Right". If you have the left channel of sound use the "Fill Left", it sounds backwards but the effect is labeled to "Fill From" not "Fill to". Hope that makes sense to ya.