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Royalty free music-Music for video

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Hi everyone, check out great royalty free music for video production

Best prices around !

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OK it seems everyone is advertising their own websites here so I think it's best to give a list so it's actually useful to the forum users.

In no particular order:

OK there's a few to be going on with, I'm not endorsing any of the libraries so you'll have to make up your own mind. Some are better than others and the licenses can vary quite dramatically (as does the price) so you'll need to read the small print.

There's so many out there so it's worth a look around.

Hope it helps!

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I have an audio podcast and often use the Podsafe Music Network. . I had a recent project to post a web-only video. I asked for--and got -- written permission from the composer to use a piece in return for credit on the video. Many of these composers looking for exposure will charge little or no fee. Also, if your project is non-profit, I stumbled on a website by the composer Moby, to obtain a limited license for some of his music for free.

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Just released: New Phonic Food Volume Two Promo Video! :

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I'm surprised no one mentioned Smart Sound music. Not only can you change the length but also the instruments involved and the beginning of the piece or any block section. Another words you can change the sequence of music to suit the mood of the movie. Now they have vocals you can alter and best of all its forever music

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I.  I do like the SmartSound features but aren't they a bit on the expensive side? When checking out the site, I see that all licenses expire in one year, if I'm not mistaken. This makes it even more expensive and difficult to take advantage of quantity discounts. Is this something new or has it always been that way?


II.  Do you use their Sonic Fire Pro software and, if so, do you recommend it?

Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks to all who threw their 10 cents/10p worth into this threa - very helpful. I particularly liked SonicPro and MusicBakery but I've only tried five or six places up to now. Thanks again.

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This is the best source for royalty free music I have found so far (both content and size wise):

I dunno - Didn't listen to much but the prices seem very high to me - I usually pay $20-$25 per volume for SmartSound libraries (about 8-10 songs per library - I wait until they're on sale - I have about 25 libraries) or $15 each for StackTraxx libraries (Digital Juice has them 10 for $149 every day - I have all 50 - about 10 different songs per library all in at least five lengths per song).

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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I offer custom royalty free music, visit my site for more info and msg me for special deals and discounts :

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Hi Fred -

I listened to several of the movie pieces - quite lovely actually. I am not in the market for RF music right now (I have a lot already) but would be interested in hearing what your deals/discounts would be.


Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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Try (, an innovative new online marketplace for high-quality, affordable, royalty-free production music. MusicRevolution.comhas thousands of tracks online, with new tracksbeing contributed by professional musicians every day. I am the co-founder.


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I'll add one to the list here:

We use hand selected composers to ensure that quality always comes before quantity. Give us a listen and chime in with your opinions!

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price is high compared to other sites but actually the quality is quite good from what i heard so far.

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Hello. My name is Victor, i'm musician.
I want to offer you my Royalty Free music, which can be perfect for your video projects.

Feel free to check my portfolio, I hope you will find something interesting.

Best Regards to all!

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Hi, we recently revampedourroyalty-free music and sound effect download site.

Tracks are hand-picked to ensure a very high quality, and minimise user search-time. Prices currently from just $2.95 for a short sound effect, up to $8-9 for a longer piece of music. Do you think this is reasonable?

We're stocked with some beautiful, soft background music, lots of on-hold and the 'corporate' sound, but still working on sound effects. Your feedback would be most appreciated.

Simon Luckhurst, Audio Production
Voice Over Talent, Royalty-Free Music, Sound Effects |

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$8-$9 per track is not unreasonable, but it also depends on the quality & freshness of the piece. For example, I (over time) acquired all the Digital Juice StackTraxx libraries, some for as cheap as $10 each (for ten songs in multiple lengths - 10, 15, 30, 60 & full) so if you are competing on price, you'll lose. I have also used services like Twisted Tracks which seems more in line with your model. Also remember there are sites with FREE RF music that don't sound bad - especially for the price.

So bottom line, don't compete on price - you'll lose - Compete on quality (don't give in to quick & dirty just to get something out there) and then deliver consistently and you'll have a shot.

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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Hello take a look to this nice royalty free music site that offer piano music content for media

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You guys are forgetting the BEST and free music for movies on the internet!

Creative commons CCMixter. You can spend hours there. Go to the site and then Dig.ccMixter. I have found some great stuff on there. There is plenty that is free for commercial use. Just mention the artist in the credits as it asks.

I used some music in my annual racing video for the Interstate Racing Association.

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We're a team of producers and composers and we have royalty free music on


About Me:

Music, video and game freak!

Professional musician but very amateur video enthousiast ;-)


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Joined: 11/29/2011 - 10:06pm I may as well mention here as well. There are full length Royalty-free music tracks, as well as short stinger and 30 second length tracks. As well as the music there are also thousands of sound effects, so if you need music and sfx, then it's extra worthwhile to add this site to your list of options.

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you can also find some on ( url ) , with a simple licence, it is very easy to use for all your projects.

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You must check out 
There are HIGH QUALITY Royalty Free tracks starting from $10 in all genres.
It is also a social media site for musicians so I am sure you will definitely find what you are looking for among 100s of composers and 1000s of tracks!

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This is a 3 Minute Royalty Free Track to be use for commercials, your own listening or to whatever use. This track is particularly design to fit more architectural, modern designs or as the title says the Modern life types of commercials or segments of movies.

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I've got a new site up with about 130 pieces on it. Free for noncommercial use...just a few dollars per track for commercial use.


Hope it's's all my own stuff.  Feedback so far has been really good.

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There's a new music library you might want to check out here:


They're picky about what music gets in, so their catalogue is small yet growing. I've used them a couple of times and they're good, I tend to find what I'm looking for quickly.


Quick to respond if you have questions too.

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Musco Sound a site where you can license the music directly from the musician that created it.


The stock music has been available at some of the top music libraries in the business, but now it's getting consolidated into one easy to use site.

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Our group (“Up and Down”) is interested in giving away our music royalty-free for projects, as music for advertisements, films, etc. If you’re looking for music, and our music seems like a good fit (you can find our album “Cyclical Songs” on all the main services, Spotify, Deezer, etc) then let us know and we can work something out! We're based in Berlin.