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reaching speakers

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Hi I just purchase a zoom h2n for recordingweddings. and is working great.

What i am doing is putting the recorder in from of the speaker whit a tripod to get the minister audio, the problem that i am having is where there are speakers so hi up that i can not reach the speaker, when this happens i still get good audio but is not as well as if i put it in fron of the speaker. anybody knows if there is and stender to put in the tripod or another way to reach the speakers. Any ideas


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Try a boom light stand used for a hair light, might work. Check out

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Light stands (Lowel, for example) will put you at least 8' above the floor. We've used a light stand, fully extended, with several feet of aluminum rod taped to it with gaffer's tape, to get wireless mics 10' to 12' off the floor.

If you do this, be SURE to put weights on the legs of the light stands so they won't tip over. It's a good idea to put a camera case, back pack, etc., at the foot of the stand, too, so someone approaching it will realize that there's something there and not trip over a leg of the stand.



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guys thank you for yourrecommendationsi will check them out and see which one thus the job

thank you again