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proficient camcorder for small-to-medium market commercials?

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I've been directing local news for a few years, but just graduated college and am wanting to make a switch to local production/marketing companies. I know a couple of local business owners who have agreed to let me shoot commercials for them to help build my portfolio as i start applying for these positions. I use final cut pro and the adobe suite on my 20 inch imac. I just received a lot of graduation money, and I am wondering what camcorder would be proficient enough to shoot professional quality commercials for the smaller-sized market. I'm thinking anywhere in the 800 - 1300$$ range would be great. I appreciate any advice you can give - thanks!

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I'll let others speak to the camera suggestions, but of you're looking to do commercials, don't forget you royalty free assets - Music, titling software, motion backgrounds, etc...

There are free pieces of the above (do a forum search - there are plenty of message threads) but I have found a few gems for reasonable prices or even free:

Titling - Bluff Titler (if you have access to a PC - or Wildform FX Pro (

Stock Video:

As I said, a search of VM will come up with many resources:

And my favorite for royalty free assets (titling backgrounds, music, you-name-it) is Digital Juice ( - They offer an amazing selection and some of the best VALUE in RF assets around.

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Thanks for the resources - my wife gave me some that she uses as high school teacher - but they are very high on the cheese factor. I took your advice and did a forum search, and found a lot of threads on this -and also a website you had suggested to compare camera models - thanks again. I think I made up my mind to just borrow a camera/lighting kit from my alma mater, do the two commercials for my portfolio, and then begin submitting my resume -and/ or - keep my eye out for a cheap, but decent camera like ones suggested on these forums for others on Ebay and craigslist. To all moderators and frequent posters - thanks, your library of advice/knowledge has been helpful -