PLEASE PLEASE tell me what I need to do!!!!!

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I ordered the education version of Xpress Pro. It didn't come with a book or anything!!!

I'm trying to capture footage from a mini dvcam tape. I inserted the tape into my camera (sony pd170) the first capture worked. Then I tried to capture more footage and an error message appeared.

Exception: A non-drop frame tape was inserted. A drop frame tape was expected. Please insert the correct dropframe tape.

I'm soooooooo frustrated!!! I never changed tapes this is the same tape that I started with. WHY is this happening. it's like the tape switched from non-drop to drop frame on its own.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!! What do I need to do??

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I'm not familiar with your software, but its probably like most and will allow you to change capture settings to match your tape.

Most likely, your tape is drop-frame, so your settings should also be set to drop-frame. Note that there is more than one "drop frame" setting in many NLEs - choose the NTSC standard) It this is the case and you're getting this error, you merely have a computer hiccup. Happens sometimes.

First, I'd turn off the camera, shut down my capture window and start over. If you get the same error, reboot. If it persists, try another tape. It is probably possible to damage the camera with static electricity zapping the firewire connector. Let's hope this isn't what happened.

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This is a common issue some people have with Avid when starting out. This link shows a work around that should help you fix your problem.