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Please help me!!

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<span>Hi Guys.</span>
<span>I want to know if someone can help me. I recently bought a Panasonic AG AC160 video camera. also I bought an external microphone a Panasonic AG-MC200G. What I want is to shut down the built in microphone in order to use only the external microphone in a boom pole. I have read the manual several times but I cant understand how to do it or maybe theres lack of information about how to shut down the built in mic. I someone knows how to do it.please send me how to do it step by step. You can answer me here in the forum or to my email;</span><span>. Thanks a lot. Happy filming!!</span>

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I'm not familier with this camera, but have you checked to see if the camera records each input to a different channel? For example:

CH1 & CH2: the built-in mic

CH3 an XLR connection

CH4: the remaining XLR connection

If that's the case, you'd either completely lower the audio levels for CH1 and CH2 or just delete them when you lay your footage onto a timeline when you're editing.

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Page 41 of your manual implies you should switch to input from internal - are you saying that doesn't work?

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Rob, Bruce Jack....thanks a lot for your help. I'm going to try again. I will contact you in case it doesn't function as ne3eded. God Bless you all.

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Any time I'm in your situation I typically follow Rob's advice and either turn the levels for the internal mic all the way down or, more often than not, remove that channel in post and use a channel fill to make the external source audio stereo (ex. Fill Right or Fill Left in Premiere CS6). Good Luck!

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This site seems to be the best "Customer Support" site I've ever come across - Keep up the great work!!!