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Ok sorry if this is a stupid question but will ask in anyways. In vegas studio 11 is there any photo editing function available.

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I always eding in photoshop then import to final cut.

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I use Vegas ten and eleven but have never found still photo tool in it. However since i still do some still photography, I have been using Picasa from Google, a simple but quite powerful tool, as well as Paint dot Net, a free and sophisticated photo editing software available from or File hippo. com paint dot Net is not quite Photo Shop, but has some very nice tools in it and it is free

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There's nothing specifically to edit a drawing with in Vegas.

However, as someone has already mentioned.

If you want to edit photos then you are better off using photoshop.

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You may be able to get by with the fairly powerful but cheaper Photoshop Elements, and there's a slew of photo editing programs from free to cheap listed when you search Google. I personally use and prefer Photoshop, basically because I've used it a long, long time and STILL haven't learned EVERYTHING it's capable of helping me do. But I pick up more and more skills each time I open the program, and it has become second nature to me to utilize the program for photo editing, and other, situations. Photoshop, however, is best served with a short introductory course at your local college or university, or one of the several on-line training programs, perhaps at Lynda Dot Com. A dedicated photo editing program is essential, IMHO, to the videographer, especially if s/he works with still shots, frame stores or photos and scans.

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Thanks guys I have picasa which is great for basic stuff. But I do a lot of dirt bike videos and photos and I would really like to learn how to do the photos where Say you have a person jumpping and you take shudder shots but have all the photos in one so you can see the hole motion.

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I have Photoshop but prefer Paint Shop Pro (been using it for years).

To use it with video, I render out individual frames, use PSP with scripting to modify images in bulk or individually, re-import back into Vegas.

I will say that I haven't had to do this much since Vegas is very tool rich.

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