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Paris France Video

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I just got back from Paris France and I made this short 3 minute video. Please critique!:

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First, let me say I'm not a pro like the rest of the people here. I liked the video very much, I'm sure there are thousands of Paris short videos out there but this one had a very cozy feel to it. You present much of it from a very personal perspective which gives the video a natural perspective.

There are only two things I would have done different. Paris is the city of love, the music you chose is a little to dramatic, ,I think a more mellow, romantic tune would blend nicer. The other thing is, not sure what you used (only says JVC on your info) I would warm and enhance the colors a bit. there are some beautiful scenes but the colors look washed out. since this is not a documentary or a news reel I would add a special effect while editing to give a warmer glow here.

Great video, takes you inside the journey.