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Opinions on a DSLR Shoulder rig for 600D/T3i?

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Have been looking at getting the Opteka CXS-300, but today managed to find a couple of DSLR Rigs on Ebay which look like they are pretty good for a similar price.

The reason I like the ones on Ebay is it is easier to find things like top handles for them if I was to expand at a later date. I just want to make sure that it isn't a bad one before I go out and spend the money.

This is a link for the one I was looking at- I can't afford to be spending any more than this, hence why I'm looking on ebay rather than at something like the RedRock series. (I'm not expecting much from the follow focus but its a nice bonus for it to come with)

Eventually I would like to expand to this, once I have the money.