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We're experimenting with a few new forums, under the heading Specialty Topics, which you will find at the bottom of the main list of forums. Tell us what you think about them. We're curious to see how useful they are in stoking new discussions, and, in turn, making our common craft of video more rewarding for everyone involved.

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Great forums for videography on certain types of videos and purposes! There are plenty of people that I have seen post in a "general" forum without getting a straightforward response. These new forums will also draw more event experts to answering questions on a specific forum. It's sort of a strange sightseeing a forum with 0 threads and 0 posts, but it will pick up quickly.

One thing that people like seeing is features being added, while having the same use and feel as before. The Videomaker forums are very good with that. The usability has notchanged much for over 6 months (how long I've been registered). Some programmers and web page writers (Microsoft Windows I'll have to name) are known for using an old building platform and creating new software that doesn't run effeciently.

- Nice going

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I remember those forums from years ago. I always wondered where they went.

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I haven't been on much, but I like the changes! Keep up the good work; we appreciate you.

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We need a forum onEdius developed by Canopus Corporation and now owned and sold by Thomson Grass Valley under the EditingCategory.I notice you have it for Adobe, Apple, Avid, Sony Media Software, Pinnacle, Corel, and Cyberlink. This Forum needs it. I know there is a lot of us that would like to see it.Will there be any forum for Edius?

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I'm brand spanking new to these forums, but I've noticed a lot of info and questions regarding wedding videography and people in that biz or wanting to get into it, which happens to be exactly the info that I'm looking for 90% of the time, I dont know if its always been like that or if i just came in good timing but I love it here and am pleasantly surprised that wedding videography has its own category

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OK, there's now a Grass Valley forum.