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JVC GZ HD7 Multi-cam setup

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I need help with multi-cam setup. I have two JVC GZ HD7's for live talk show. Do I need an audio and video switcher? How do I sync the cams? Should I just shoot and edit? This is a new church project with no real experience and cost is out of my pocket. The studio room is complete with pro lighting. I also have Sennheiser lav mics. Thanks for your help,

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The HD7 is a fine rig, however it does not have a time code gen. there are a few ways to do it.

one as you have said, use a switcher. the other is to run a cromokey time gen behind your shot and then key it out after you finish editing. and the third is to sell your hd7's and buy 2 jvc hd250u's

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In my opinion, what you should do:

Have all your cameras recording.

Then have someone stand in the shot (so all the cameras can see the person) and clap or something. This creates a common point on all the tapes.

Bring those tapes into FCP and use the multi camera editing feature. WHen you use that, you need to mark a common point in FCP so the multi-camera editing works smoothly. That's why it's important to have someone stand in the shot and clap or something.

You can do what NewBirth said, buy JVC250Us, but that will cost you over 20 grand, plus you need a switcher and monitors...basically a whole control room.

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Google for firewire video mixer. There are some options. Some affordable. Others mucho expensive. Videonics has one...

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Forget about the switcher. I use 2 HD7's for a lot of live events. Just use a clapper board, or electronic flash at the beginning and keep the cameras running.

Use the multicam setup in Vegas or FCP to do the cuts and fades after. Put the tracks/clips on the timeline and adjust to the audio waveform to synchronize.

In Vegas I can display each camera in the preview window and switch between them as I watch the playback. I'm pretty sure you can do the same in FCP.