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JVC GY-HM100u & Final Cut Pro Presets??......HELP??

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I'm new to video/editing & I have a JVC GY-HM100u & Final Cut Pro 7. What Presets do I use for the camera & FCP?

All I am doing is recording a 1 hour shoot of someone speaking.. weekly. I will be "burning" that video to DVD AND also uploading to a website to view via "QuickTime" player. Can someone please just tell me what presets to use. I don't have a good understanding of video/editing theory knowledge.

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What resolution and frame rate did you record?

Did you record MPEG video or did you record Quicktime files?This camera was made with Final Cut in mind, which is why it can straight up record .mov files.

If you recorded .mov files, just bring them into FCP. When you drop your first clip in your timeline, FCP will ask if you want your sequence settings to match your clip settings. Obviously, click Yes.

If you recorded MPEG files, the best thing to do is convert them to ProRes with Compressor (unless you can do it in FCP with the Log and Transfer tool).

So you have to decide what format you're going to shoot first. Ya can't just go out, mindlessly press record, and then come to your computer and expect people will be able to guide you. If YOU don't go out and shoot with the necessary knowledge for editing, how are we going to know?

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My fault as I wasn't real clear in my post. I have not recorded anything yet. I will be recording in .mov files? What resolution & frame rate would you recommend or suggest?

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I would record 720p24

Considering the 1/4" sensors, my guess is the camera does some massive pixel shifting or something to record 1920X1080. However, the average Joe will probably think it looks fine...hardcore pros probably don't.

And 24p because it will maximize your recording time (as does recording 720p over 1080i)

So 720p24 in HQ mode is what I recommend.

Since you're going to record .mov files, you should be able to pull the right off the SDHC card and onto a hard drive. Then import those files into FCP. As I said before, drop a clip onto the timeline and FCP should ask you if you want the sequence settings to match the settings of that clip.

It all should be quite simple, but do a test first. Your job shouldn't be the first time you figure out the workflow. Shoot some stuff around the house...shoot any bs footage just for the sake of recording something...then figure out how to get the footage from the camera and into FCP

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I am using the same camera, shooting in .mov at 720p30. For the Codec, should I choose HDV 720p30 or Apple ProRes720p30?

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I wouldn't record in 24p unless you're trying to achieve an effect, or, you're uploading to YouTube. I understand what Rob's saying, if you're uploading for the web.

30p, for me, is too jittery. I would shoot in 1080/60i (default)or 720/60p.

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The JVC GY-HM100 records to the same XDCAM EX Codec as Sony's EX1 / EX3 etc (35 Mbps). The best quality setting for the HM100 (we have one) is 1080P25 (PAL), or the equivalent NTSC.

FCP 7 handles XDCAM EX really well and there's no real benefit to transcoding to ProRes for XDCAM EX. Even if you're going to final grade in Color you can send an XDCAM sequence to Color and bring back the renders as ProRes. I guess the only time this isn't true is if you'll be sending clips to Motion etc. then you might want to change your sequence settings to ProRes. XDCAM EX on a ProRes timeline works absolutely fine...