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Is this camera any good?

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I'm producing a film for a youth service and they own their own camera and I was just wondering was it any good. Basically I want to use a camera that's at a high standard, professional so I want to know is it usable.

Camera Details:

JVC GY-HM100 Solid State Video with Newly designed JVCs original Optical Stabilisation, JVC patented Focus Assist, Colour viewfinder and LCD display, 2 Channel balance audio inputs, mic/line switchable with built-in phantom power supply, HDMI output, USB 2.0 interface.

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I've never used this camera but the reviews make it sound like a winner. Take a look at the customer comments at B&H to get a feel for the camera's strengths and limitations.


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I haven't used that camera but with the details itself I think it is better to used. And by the help of the user's answers I know it will be useful for you. Terex columbia is also good as my father-in-law used it.