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i need JVC me!

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i need a fisheye wide angle lens, and a extra battery (prefer 5 hr.). its for my JVC GZ HD7. email me with anything please!

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For the lens: find the filter diameter of the camcorder (usually a number with a slashed "O" next to it) or take the camcorder with you to your favorite local camera shop for assistance. The fisheye lens that you need will be marketed as a "conversion lens". You will end up with a lens that screws directly into the camcorder's filter threads.

As for the battery, the same local camera shop should be able to get you hooked up; otherwise, there are a number of battery stores in most towns that can also help you track down what you need. There are a few third parties that make batteries, but some camcorder manufacturers will assert that their batteries are better (because they want to be the ones that earn your battery business.) Your mileage may vary.