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I Do Aerial Videos!

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I fly RC helicopters with a camera attached to get great shots from the air (without the limitations of jibs and sliders). I've been working the helicopters for over a year, and started putting together my own videos 3 months ago- FCP and Adobe Suite. Please check them out and tell me what you think!

If you really liked them, subscribe to my Youtube page!

Cameras: Sony A55 and NEXF3 (nothing fancy but they're lightweight and perfect to throw in the air)

Helis: Cinestar 8, Aibot X6, 3DR Hexa

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Hey there Heidilynn, Amazing videos! Loved all the drift shots! It sure adds a great perspective to any video. I've been experimenting with a 'toy' RC heli and a Gopro setup, nothing as good as you've got but it sure is fun experimenting. Hope to move up to the big-rigs someday.

Cheers Wayne

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Great stuff. Are the RC helicopters you are using battery powered or gas powered?

Jeff Media Fish Productions