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How do we use Canon's 7D Firmware audio update to our advantage?

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I just updated the firmware for my Canon 7D to version 2.0.0 and am excited to have audio meters available now. My question is, as someone who knows nothing about audio, how do I read these meters/how do I know what levels at which I should be recording? It is hard to tell without having the luxury of a headphone jack to monitor the sound.

Thank you.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Amber, The problem with the 7D ws that it adjusted the audio gain automatically. If you were filming a scene and there was no or little noise then the camera would increse the sensitivity of the audio in an attempt "to hear something" which induced a hiss. now that we have manual level adjustmen you can turn the gain down to a level where there is no hiss and life is good again! Good audio is important in any video, if you have an sound level that is continually going up and down then it will very soon become an anoyance. so, turn the levels down so that they only "peak" very seldomly and leave it at that. I hope that this is of some help.