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Homemade Football Helmet Camera Rig

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Check out some of the footage!

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man, I love it.

I cna't tell ya how many times people laugh and bash because of a rig job I have goin'. But more oftent han that, I get "wow, how'd you get THAT shot!?"

If you aint wingin' it, you aint gettin' creative enough.

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That's an awesome rig...very creative. I made one that mounts to the top and the balance is very nice although I really have to strain my neck to do straight down shots.

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Go-pro for me.. my old neck injuries would never let e get away with that rig...

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Awesome footage. I really enjoyed watching the video and the amazing perspective from your rig. I was wondering. Did you get a lot of strange looks wearing it and what did you use to keep your DSLR dry?