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Wireless Gear and Cables Set - $4,500 + shipping

Zaxcom TRX900AA with built-in IFB audio receiver (
Zaxcom RX900s ENG Receiver (
Zaxcom IFB100 Remote Control (
Zaxcom STA150 (
MTO Straddlebag (
REM CAZPCAMY - Cable (4 pin Hirose Power Y to Zaxcom IFB100 (760K) and RX900 receiver (761K). 18 inches.)*** This cable has been modified from it's original 4pin Hirose to a D-tap.
REM CAZXSTE - Cable (5-pin R/A XLRF to two 3-pin XLRM, Right LEG 12 INCHES, Left LEG 14 INCHES.)
REM CAZIFBTC - Cable (BNC to 1/8 trs, RING FLOATED.For Zaxcom IFB100 Timecode input. 18 inches.)
REM CAZBETAIFB - Cable (Zaxcom IFB cable From Camera.. 1/8 TRSM to Y 1/8TRSF and TA5F. Fan 3 inches. Overall length 14 inches.)
REM BDSCZSTA100 - Cable (BDS cable to power Zaxcom STA 100 Stereoline Transmitter 24in.)

This gear is from the set pictured below. ***only the gear listed above is included*** Let me know if you have any questions.

Pictures here:

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Hi Austin, do you still have these Zaxcom wireless audio and time code?

Please reply me at: