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Doing Slow-mo with 60fps footage properly

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I'm editing using Sony Vegas Pro 9. I also have After Effects CS4 for motion graphics, titles, etc.

After having some problems with my slow motion looking choppy with 30fps footage (since it was just copying the same frame to create the slow motion), I was told the best solution was just to shoot at a higher frame rate.

So, now I'm shooting at 60fps (progressive). However, what's the proper method for actually creating slow motion from this? I've seen in some FCP forums some people recommending that you actually change the FPS of the clip to create slow motion. Is this the proper approach, or should I be using Vegas Pro's built-in slow motion utilities like ctrl-dragging the length of the clip, or using velocity envelopes?

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I've used both the ctrl-drag and velocity envelopes on 60i and 30i footage - it works fine for me.

The ctrl-drag is easier but the envelope is way more functional and gives you excellent control. Just remember to resize the clip after setting envelope points to see where it will start/end.

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So just ctrl-dragging or using velocity envelopes will not copy any frames if I'm only going down to 50%, right?

From what I read in the FCP forum, in that program even if you have something that is 60fps and you use its built-in slow motion utilities it would still just copy frames, whereas if you actually changed the frame rate it would give smooth slow motion. So Vegas is smart enough to not have to do this?